Glass Plaster

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Akcihan glass plaster is an acrylic emulsion based plaster that includes colored glass particles.It is both suitable for interior and exterior use.Akcihan glass plaster is ready for your use and it needs just to be applied by a steel trowel.Glass plasters are in 25 kilogram of buckets and you can cover 7 m² with one bucket of glass plaster on average.

  • Solvent free,does not give harm to human and to the environment
  • It can be applied on different kinds of surfaces such as concrete,glass,pre-painted surfaces.
  • Provides sparkling appearance with its shined glass particles.
  • It has long lifetime,withstands UV rays or unfavorable weather conditions, it keeps its sparkling appearance for a longtime without decolorizing 
  • Enables to the applied area to breathe through water vapor permeability.