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Glass Recycling

Glass is an inorganic material that can be recycled infinitely.We,as Akcihan Glass Recycling, are processing waste glasses and transforming these cullets into the value addes products.In our Usage Areas page,you can find academic researches about how these products can be used in different kinds of industries.

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  • Energy Saving

    In manufacturing of glass,waste glass processing provides a considerable amount of less sodium carbonate consumption and energy saving

  • Decreasing in Air Pollution

    In glass manufacturing,glass recycling affects the air pollution positively and provides a more liveable world.

  • Decreasing in Mine Tailing

    Recycling preserves the nature and prevents overusing of mines.

  • Decreasing in Water Consumption

    The water plays an important role in glass manufacturing.Thus,glass recycling provides water saving and protects world’s future